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What is the potential revenue?

We are at the beginning of a new fast growing e-currency market where there are still only a few serious exchangers addressing this emerging market. We presently estimate the value of the Canadian e-currency exchange market at approximately 20,000,000.00$/month and 10 times this amount in USA. Therefore the opportunity is there and it is now time to jump in.

Based on our own experience as an exchanger, in your first 12 months of operations it is possible to reach a volume of exchange of 500,000.00$/month to get a gross profit of 15,000$. This volume of exchange requires approximately 4 hours of work/day and depends of many factors such as the variety of method of payment offerred, the fees, the gold price variation, your rapidity to serve your customers, the size of your cash flow, how you advertise your web site any other services you can provide.


Start your exchange business with us and benefit of our experience and technical support. Besure we will help you make your business grow the fastest possible.

What we offer to you:

  • Your own professional currency exchange web site. (see all the features).
  • 100% control on your business assets since it is your business and only you have access to your bank and e-currency accounts.
  • Ownership of your domain name.
  • We take care of providing you customers.
  • Technical support to operate your web site.
  • Advices from an experienced exchanger.
  • Wholesale price if you need to get some e-currencies.
  • A demo is available to applicants. All independent exchangers listed in the home page are using our exchange software.



  • Starting cost: $2300.
    • Training.
    • Web site set-up (hosting services, emails, SSL certificate, etc.),
  • Annual web site maintenance:  $920.00/year
  • Monthly royalties::   s the advertisement campaign to provide you customers.
    • 0.75% of your first 200 000.00$ of exchange
    • 0.5% of the rest


  • The number of license will be limited to allow the independent exchangers to get a fair revenue.
  • All independent excchangers will have to provide identification documents.

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